Nevada nixes texting, driving

nevada flag Nevada’s governor has approved legislation banning handheld cell phone use and text messaging for all drivers. The Assembly’s final vote came May 30 and the Senate signed off June 4.

Nevada is now the 34th state to ban texting while driving.

The measure, SB 140, has was approved by Gov. Brian Sandoval, who made it clear that he would support a statewide ban on text messaging while driving. The law will go into full effect Jan. 1 with warnings to be handed out in October. Fines are $50 then $100 and then $250.

Sen. Shirley Breeden was the bill’s author. Her texting bill of 2010 failed to get out of committee, but, undaunted, she added handheld cell phones to 2011 plan. “We’re going to go for the whole enchilada,” she said as the legislative year began.

DOT chief Ray LaHood issued the customary praise press release: “I commend Gov. Sandoval for signing legislation that will help save lives and put a stop to dangerous distracted driving behavior on Nevada roads.

“In a split second, the consequences of texting behind the wheel can be devastating. There’s no call or text so important that it can’t wait.”


  1. al that was a pretty lame attempt at an explanation for a driver education guy. tell me this, when you drive thru the spegetti bowl and encounter giant turtles and graffitti over all the bridge columns, whats your reaction going to be? to look around at the scenery the state county or who ever, put there for our sight seeing enjoyment… really the speggitti bowl… is that not distracting… please explain that with your driver education

  2. Al Cinamon says:

    Mr. Bob, I would like you to cite the study you refer to. I’m in the business of driver education and never heard of any study that claims what you claim.

    You want to get “real,” here’s the reality. When talking to passengers (or even listening to the radio) you can tune them out when something demands your full attention while driving. And, your passengers will understand why you’re not responding. They can see that you’re involved in a special situation. However, the person on the other end of the phone might not even know that you’re driving. and would expect you to keep up your end of the conversation. To do otherwise would be rude! Now do you understand the problem with talking on a cell phone while driving?

    Let me add that banning hand-held devices is not the solution. It’s the conversation that causes the distraction!

  3. Texting, I can understand. But “real” studies have proven that talking to someone in the car with you is just as, or even more distracting than speaking on a cellphone. Are they going to ban tslking in cars as well. Get real folks.

  4. Just another stupid law to fulfill the request of a special interest group. The law should cover distracted driving not just cell phones, dogs in peoples laps, eating while driving, shaving while driving, etc. This is a stupid law, again special interest trumps our stupid politicians.

  5. My family and I are very excited about SB 140 becoming a law. I have testified in front of our legislators here in Nevada in support of this law. My family has been directly affected by cell phones and driving. Like Secretary LaHood stated, ” There’s no call or text so important that it can’t wait. I almost lost my son and his wife due to the other driver talking on the cell phone while driving. Their lives have changed forever and will never be the same. This not only affects the victims but their family as well. Thank you Governor Sandoval for your support of this law.

  6. Al Cinamon says:

    If they’re so interested in safety, why ban only handheld cellphone talking. The real problem is talking on the phone not holding the phone. The answer is that they are phony politicians who are not interested in safety but in raising revenue.

    • exactly, kids still hold their phone and use the speaker, but they are still at risk from killing somebody. And don’t call me an idiot please, thank you very much, because dat was well said.

  7. Ms. Taylor L. Kelley says:

    Hooray for Nevada! I live in Texas and Governor Perry shot down similar legislation. Everyday I see people weaving all over the road while driving 60 mph and texting! No phone call or text is that important that you have to endanger your life and other drivers to answer it.

    For all that think passing such legislation is an enfringement on freedom, would you argue the same about the seat belt law? It has saved many lifes, including mine.

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