freeway drivers told not to text messageHandsFreeInfo.com seeks to reduce the confusion over local laws and legislation regarding the operation of motor vehicles while using wireless communications devices such as smartphones.

The legal landscape changes frequently, even in states with existing distracted driving laws, so this web site’s team stays busy keeping on top of the latest developments nationwide. We have been tracking distracted driving laws and legislation since late 2007.

The site also is dedicated to reducing the number of distracted-driver accidents on U.S. highways by promoting the use of hands-free cell phone devices, although we believe the best practice is to avoid use of wireless communications devices entirely while behind the wheel. Check out our roundup of distracted driving research to see why texting and using cell phones is so dangerous in traffic.

The HandsFreeInfo.com web site draws on information from state Legislatures’ databases, law enforcement agencies, safety activists and local media reports. We’re frequently in touch with lawmakers addressing the distracted driving situation.

The cell phone safety information found on HandsFreeInfo.com references the latest research from government agencies, universities, the cell phone industry and consumer advocates.

This site has no agenda beyond promoting safety and reducing confusion over laws of the road. The affiliated text messaging and cell phone blog, however, takes a subjective view of these hot-button issues.

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We have no connection with personal injury lawyers and deplore those who build “distracted driving” web sites in order to funnel business to themselves.

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