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Craddick back, seeking Texas texting law

Citing the "most fundamental purpose of protecting lives," state Rep. Tom Craddick has refiled his texting & driving legislation in Texas. Craddick makes his fourth run at a distracted driving law in the state, whose lawmakers have proved unusually resistant despite widespread ordinances at the local level. "All Texans are feeling the pain of damage, injury or loss of life and are calling for action by the Texas Legislature to enact legislation that will prevent these irresponsible crashes, unnecessary tragedies, preventable injuries, and needless deaths," Craddick wrote upon filing his … [Read more...]

Texas texting & driving bill fails

Texas backers of a statewide texting & driving law will have at least two more years to wait. State Rep. Tom Craddick, left, said any texting-related deaths in that period would be "on the back of those senators" who refused to bring his distracted driving legislation to the Senate floor. The distracted driving plan, he said, "will not become law and will not help prevent future injuries or loss of life." Craddick's House Bill 80 was approved by the House in a 102-40 vote March 25. The bill was delayed in Senate committee by an opponent, and then fell one vote short of reaching the … [Read more...]

Texas texting shootout ready to resume

After a two-year pause, Texas is about to resume its legislative range war over texting and driving. Texas, which places no restrictions on adult drivers' use of personal electronics, does bar drivers under age 18 from using wireless communications devices. It is among the dwindling numbers of states without a texting ban affecting all motorists. In 2013, an outraged state Rep. Tom Craddick saw his second attempt at a Texas texting ban clear the House but fail to gain even a committee vote in the Senate. There wasn't much of a point, opponents said, since Texas Gov. Rock Perry already … [Read more...]

Finger-pointing over Texas texting

The sponsor of Texas' ill-fated texting & driving bill isn't going away quietly. And he's making the issue personal. State Rep. Tom Craddick charges that his measure "succumbed to the will of a stubborn chairman," state Sen. Robert Nichols of the Transportation Committee. Craddick (pictured, left) said the former Texas Department of Transportation commissioner "thought that he knew better for Texas when he refused to allow a vote on this bill that would save lives." Craddick made his anger public after his HB 63 cleared the House by a wide margin (97-45), received an emotional hearing … [Read more...]

Texting plan vetoed in Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry killed legislation Friday that would have banned texting while driving in Texas. Perry cited "the overreach of House Bill 242" and called it a "government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults." Texas already bans texting by teens. The bill would have extended that ban to all drivers. The veto means distracted driving legislation succeeded in 2011, although there were at least a dozen bills seeking to toughen the existing laws. There are numerous local laws against text messaging while in city limits. The Republican governor suggested that backers of distracted … [Read more...]