Your texting & driving rights, defended by patriots

john wayne imageStrangest beginning to a news story we’ve seen in a while:

“PHOENIX — Arizona drivers’ right to compose and send text messages from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle has successfully been defended.”

This from a report on the defeat of a distracted driving bill, written by Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services. The headline in the Arizona Star noted that the bill “was sent packing.”

Guess the Arizona cops would have to pry the text messaging devices from freedom lovers’ cold dead hands.

A distinct possibility, if you think about it.


  1. WHAT!? You want to bring up FLAWED STUDIES?! Have you ever read the piece of garbage that is called: “FATAL DISTRACTION? A COMPARISON OF THE CELL-PHONE DRIVER AND THE DRUNK DRIVER”!?!?!?

    All of this bad data is the result of some cell phone hysteria! Even if you don’t accept the “insurance industry study” then you should look at this data that I PERSONALLY put together and tell me how you can justify all these stupid cell phone bans I’ll stop fighting for personal freedom:

    Cell Phone Bans Are POINTLESS!

  2. Stan: Totally agree. Predictably, those who cling to flimsy arguments like “personal liberties” are quick to adopt any report that comes along contradicting the mountain of evidence showing these behaviors are dangerous and sometimes deadly.

    I’m thinking of the insurance industry study of a month or so back that found no decreases in accidents after cell phone ban took effect.

    The study had numerous flaws and limitations. For one, it only looked at vehicles 3 years old (or half that, in some families). Also, it only looked at collisions in which insurance claims were filed. And, in two of the states studied, including New York, it did find decreases in collisions … but dismissed them.

    Thanks for the comment, looking forward to your next one.

  3. What a bunch of idiots! We should have adopted hands-free requirements such as those in Europe ten years ago. Unfortunately, one flawed study suggesting that hands-free or hand-held cell phone use is equally distracting has completely prevented implementing this life-saving measure.

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