Virginia outlaws texting for drivers

no-text-messaging-warning-sign1Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has signed into law a ban on text messaging for all drivers. It takes effect July 1.

AAA spokesman John Townsend said the secondary-enforcement status of the new Virginia texting law — meaning police would have to have another, primary reason for pulling over drivers — makes it “tantamount to telling people you can do it.”

Still, the AAA spokesman told the Washington Examiner that approval of HB 1876 was a “moral victory.”

Meanwhile, Kansas has approved its first restrictions on cell phone use behind the wheel: Drivers with permit licenses cannot use cell phones or texting devices as of Jan. 1, 2010.

HB 2143 was signed by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. The Virginia cell phone limits come as part of a larger package concerning young drivers and safety.

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  1. Pat Cafiero says:

    Is the new law going to include emailing on Blackberrys??This is just as bad!

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