‘The Last Text’: distracted to death

at&t documentary shows last text seen by dead teen driverYeah. LOL. Where R. Where U At. All text messages that led to tragedy, as detailed in a new 10-minute “documentary” about distracted driving deaths.

AT&T’s “The Last Text” video — professionally produced and impactful — spends time with those affected by a handful of text messaging deaths: The sister who sent the fatal text; the youth who hit and killed a bicyclist; the passenger declared dead but who survived in a broken body; the mom of teen girl who throws a 19th birthday party for her dead daughter.

“All because of a senseless text message,” says a state trooper at the site of a girl’s distracted driving death. “It’s just sad. … What is worth losing your life over? That text message?”

Here is the AT&T video, released just before the most dangerous night of the year, New Year’s Eve (text continues below):

AT&T, one of the nation’s top cellular phone service providers, released the short documentary Dec. 27 as part of its “It Can Wait” texting safety program. The video will be distributed “to numerous government agencies and safety organizations around the country, as well as to educators, students and policymakers,” the telcom giant said in a press release. An accompanying video (on the AT&T site) shows students’ reactions to the video.

“The Last Text” has gone viral, but can be seen on the AT&T Facebook page and on the corporate Youtube channel.

The “It Can Wait” campaign began in March, as public awareness of distracted driving deaths skyrocketed.


  1. Russell Mobley says:

    Drunk drivers are classified as Driving Impaired, fined thousands of dollars, their license revoked, sent to rehab, and get their pictures posted on the internet as dangerous criminals.

    What is the difference of Driving Impaired while texting in a 2-ton vehichle after you injure or kill someone? The fines and association to being a criminal should be equal or the fool-hardy will continue to commit the same crime (Driving Impaired) until half of us gone. I have even seen a Sheriff Deputy with an officer texting on the steering wheel. Perhaps our own Governor is afraid of these law because is also guilty excessive cell phone use while driving.

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