Text messaging road rage strikes

vigilante parody postLike to text message while behind the wheel? Beware the wrath of vigilante justice.

A woman in North Providence, R.I., allegedly was texting away on her cell phone as she cut off another motorist.

Anthony Rapone, 60, allegedly forced her to stop in the middle of the road, threw her cell phone to the ground and punched the woman in the face. He then kicked the woman’s car repeatedly for good measure, police said.

Rapone said his father had been killed in a wreck caused by a driver who was driving and texting. He was charged with assault, vandalism and disorderly conduct, according to the Providence Journal.

Not all that surprisingly, some readers of the Journal’s web site said the lady had it coming:

“I think most of us wished he had stomped the phone to death and walked away.”

“Does this mean that the police did not file any charges against the woman who pulled out in front of someone while she was text messaging?”

“Good for him!!!! … I’m sure this particular girl won’t have a phone in her hand while driving anymore!!”

“This might be a tad over the line, but I’m willing to bet that you’ll see alot more of this.”

“Good for him!! … I commend him for taking the cell phone. I would have stomped on it. … She should also be charged.”

Cell phones are the new cigarettes, the saying goes. Here’s one way to clear the smoke … not that we approve, cough cough.


  1. I LOVE this story about the man throwing the womans cell phone to the ground……
    My 9yr old Daughter was riding in a Youth Camp Bus when the bus was struck from behind…..BY A TEXTING TEEN…..I wish I’d have been there…more than his phone would have been thrown to the ground!!!!!!
    Melissa in Indiana

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