Arkansas: Cell phone laws, legislation

Cell, text messaging update: An act prohibiting use of handheld cell phones in school zones and highway work zones took effect Oct. 1, 2011. Arkansas has no restrictions on text messaging or handheld cell phone use by adult drivers. State lawmakers return Jan. 14, 2013. Current prohibitions: All drivers prohibited from text messaging. Fine up to $100. Drivers under 18 may not use cell phones, regardless of whether a hands-free accessory is employed. Fine up to $50. Drivers 18-20 must use hands-free attachments while talking on cell phones. Fine up to $50. School bus operators … [Read more...]

North Dakota: Cell phone laws, legislation

Latest cell/texting news: North Dakota's first distracted driving laws went into effect Aug. 1, 2011, with text messaging prohibited for all drivers. Primary enforcement applies, meaning police can stop and cite motorists for that offense alone. A ticket will run you at least $100. North Dakota became the 31st state to ban texting and driving when the governor signed HB 1195 in late April 2011. The governor also enacted a teen safety law that bars teens under 18 from using electronic communications devices while driving (includes cell phones and hands-free devices). The Legislative … [Read more...]

New Mexico: Cell phone laws, legislation

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Cell phone, text messaging legislation news: New Mexico's ban on text messaging while driving is now in full effect. Fines are $25 for a first offense, then $50. The distracted driving law, which became effective July 1, 2014, outlaws typing on handheld mobile devices and use of web sites. Cell phone calls remain legal. Gov. Susana Martinez signed the Legislature's texting & driving act into law March 2. State Sen. Peter Wirth's plan sailed through the Legislature before landing on the receptive governor's desk. Gov. Martinez said texting while behind the wheel is the leading cause of … [Read more...]

Iowa: Cell phone laws, legislation

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Distracted driving news: The Senate approved state Sen. Tod Bowman's bill prohibiting most forms of wireless communications by drivers, but the House didn't find the time as time elapsed on legislation for 2014. Bowman blamed House Speaker Kraig Paulsen for not pushing through the distracted driving measure as the "funnel" deadline for legislation came and went. SF 2289, as amended by Bowman, targeted "electronic communication" -- text messaging, viewing social media sites, emailing. But not cell phone calls. He cited "an epidemic of texting while driving" and sought primary enforcement, … [Read more...]

Hawaii: cell phone laws, legislation

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Cell phone, text messaging news: Hawaii's year-old distracted driving law saw a set of changes go into effect July 1, with a base fine of $250 the headline item. The Legislature also made violations in school zone or construction areas subject to a $300 fine. Previously a first-time violation cost $100 while subsequent offenses within a year crept up to $300. The revised Hawaiian distracted driving law also makes clear that drivers temporarily stopped for red lights or stop signs cannot use handheld electronic devices, but exempts those who are fully stopped. Offenses are now classified as … [Read more...]