Arkansas: Cell phone laws, legislation

Cell, text messaging update: State Sen. Will Bond has proposed a trio of distracted driving bills for 2017. His SB 347, approved by the full Senate on March 13, hikes fines for texting & driving, and modernizes the existing texting law's language. The other bills would add serious penalties for distracted drivers who injure or kill others. "We're trying to bring to light how dangerous this conduct is," Bond says. Convictions under Arkansas' texting & driving law are averaging about 300 per year, state records show. Jonesboro District Court had the most offenses followed by Conway District … [Read more...]

North Dakota: Cell phone laws, legislation

Latest cell/texting news: The House and Senate have signed off on a plan to add general distracted driving wording to the state's existing texting & driving law. The unusual legislation would bar drivers from doing anything with their sight not directly related to operation of the vehicle. State Rep. Corey Mock's plan originally sought to repeal the existing texting & driving law, but that was backed down by lawmakers. Rep. Lawrence Klemin, father of the 2011 texting measure, had said it's "a good law" as is. North Dakota's first distracted driving laws went into effect Aug. 1, 2011, with … [Read more...]

New Mexico: Cell phone laws, legislation

Cell phone, text messaging legislation news: State Sen. Steven Neville seeks to quadruple fines for violators of the state's electronic distracted driving laws. His SB 55 was approved by the Senate in mid-February and moves on to the House. The measure proposes fines of $100 for a first offense, then $200 -- up from $25 and $50. An opponent called the proposed fines "extravagant" and "crazy." New Mexico's texting & driving law outlaws typing on handheld mobile devices and use of web sites. Cell phone calls remain legal, except for drivers of commercial vehicles (via 2016 law). "There is no … [Read more...]

Iowa: Cell phone laws, legislation

Distracted driving news: The governor has signed into law an escalation of enforcement of the state texting & driving law. It takes effect July 1. Police will no longer need another reason to stop texting drivers. Senate File 234 sailed through its votes in both legislative houses. Almost 9 in 10 Iowans supported the upgrade, a February poll suggests. Gov. Terry Branstad also approved SF 444, a road safety measure that includes establishment of handheld device use by drivers as evidence of reckless driving. Branstad said he was disappointed the Legislative did not approve a handheld device … [Read more...]

Hawaii: cell phone laws, legislation

Cell phone, text messaging news: State Sen. Lorraine Inouye and Rep. Henry Aquino have filed 2017 legislation seeking to increase the fine for electronic distracted driving in Hawaii. The plans, backed by the state Department of Transportation, seek fines of $750 for violations and $900 for offenses in school zones or construction work areas. In mid-February, the plan advanced in the Senate but was deferred in the House. Fines under Hawaii's distracted driving laws last increased in July 2014, with a base fine of $250 the headline item. The Legislature also made violations in school zone or … [Read more...]