N.Y. signs off on ‘texting zones’

New York highway texting zone sign

New York is setting up "texting zones" on state thruways and highways, with rest stops, Park-n-Ride lots and the like doing double duty as safe harbors for text messaging. Sorry, no cyber cafes or blazing-fast wireless service. The initiative appears to boil down to 298 highway signs going up urging motorists to pull off the highway -- safely and in designated areas -- instead of engaging in distracted driving. "We are sending a clear message to drivers that there is no excuse to take your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road because your text can wait until the next texting zone," … [Read more...]

Bieber stays the course with text pledge

Kid singing star Justin Bieber hasn't forgotten about his promise to campaign against teenage texting and driving. On a recent episode of "Makeover: Home Edition," he found time to help the Brown Family of Wellman, Texas, whose daughter and sister Alexandra died in a crash caused by a texting driver. "Makeover" built the family a new home while they went on a freebie trip to New York to meet Bieber and see his concert. Alexandra's kid sister Katrina, 12, got to hang out with the singer before the show. "It's been a big part of my life to influence others not to text and drive," the singer … [Read more...]

In text lingo, here’s a real OMG!

Is it real? Jury still out on that one, but here's a typical comment from the video's YouTube thread: "Incredible. Funny. Frightening. Freeway deaths - most likely those´╗┐ of innocent people - waiting to happen. Huge fail." … [Read more...]

A close shave with Ontario cell phone ban

Ontario's government ombudsman is taking heat for distracted driving -- because he was busy making a tattle-tale video of an extreme case of distracted driving. Andre Martin, the province watchdog, noticed a driver ahead of him using an electric razor to shave his head. Martin whipped out his iPhone and made a video of the outrage, posting it as an example of how motorists will do just about anything behind a wheel, the Toronto Sun reported. Martin was stopped at a light at the time. Unfortunately for Martin, his actions were in violation of the Ontario's new hands-free law, at least in … [Read more...]

‘Death by Cell Phone’ campaign

The National Safety Council is following up on its sobering "Death by Cell Phone" video by placing roadside billboards in 67 markets nationwide. The campaign's message will reach more than 1 million drivers, the NSC predicts. The campaign tells of two deaths linked to cell phone-using drivers: Joe, a 12-year-old from Michigan and Linda, a 61-year-old from Oklahoma. The "Death by Cell Phone" billboards show pictures of the two victims of distracted driving, and give the URL for the 5-minute video. The father of Joe and the daughter of Linda speak of their families' tragedies and make pleas … [Read more...]