New Hampshire texting ban now law

new hampshire governor - signed text messaging banNew Hampshire drivers can no longer legally text message and drive come Jan. 1.

Gov. John Lynch signed legislation Friday that prohibits using two hands to type on an electronic device. Entering numbers on a cell phone is allowable.

“It is clear that texting while driving poses a serious danger on our roadways. This new law sends a strong message that drivers should be attentive to the road, and those around them at all times,” Lynch said.

Meanwhile, in Oregon, Gov. Ted Kulongoski has signed off on HB 2377, which bans texting for drivers and also limits use of cell phones to adult motorists, only if they employ hands-free attachments.

The New Hampshire anti-texting measure, House Bill 34, reads specifically: “A person operating a moving motor vehicle who writes a text message or uses 2 hands to type on or operate an electronic or telecommunications device, is guilty of a violation.” That offense brings a fine of $100.

Rep. Richard Drisko, R-Hollis, saw the amended version of his HB 34 approved by the House on March 24, 2009, on a 222-137 vote. The text messaging safety measure advanced to the Senate, where it was approved by the Transportation Committee in a 5-0 vote on May 14 and then by the full New Hampshire Senate on May 20.

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  1. Barbara Frost says:

    This has become a very serious problem, due to the stupidity of people that use cell phones. I see people with them talking LOUDLY at grocery stores, while walking down a street, while driving, etc. I wish the law declared that IF you cause an auto accident, or collision of a bicyclist or pedestrian, while using a cell phone (texting, photographing, or talking) there is an immediate fine of $25,000 per incident. This neglect is serious and needs immediate attention.

  2. while I applaud the new law it is not enough. It should be banned country wide jusy as if you were drinking and driving. The $100 fine is not big enough to deter eapecially young drivers from stopping their behavior. There should be a law that states while driving if accident was due to using cell phone and kills someone ithey should be tried for vehicular homicide. After all isn’t someone you love worht more than $100?

  3. I don’t like the law at all…..just stop driving all together and we’ll save even more lives!!!

  4. My Uncle was just killed by a texting driver under 20 years old. They were driving on very curvy roads and crossed the center line, striking the car and killing him instantly. The two young adults survived.

    I applaud this law and hope it will save lives before more are lost.

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