The wrath of LaHood: a good honking

DOT distracted driving foe Ray LaHoodDOT chief Ray LaHood must be able to summon the hounds of hell when he encounters cell phoning drivers breaking the law in Washington, D.C., right?

Nah. “What I’ve been doing is kind of honking at somebody if I see him on a cellphone,” LaHood told WROP radio the other day.

He calls drivers who use cell phones or text “my biggest source of irritation.”

LaHood told the radio station it was his way of “taking personal responsibility” in the war against electronic distracted driving.

Never mind that vehicle horns should be reserved for alerting others to roadway danger, not telling off fellow drivers. Any traffic school graduate can tell you that.

May we suggest the one-finger salute, Mr. Secretary?


  1. Al Cinamon says:

    Not to worry, Kenneth. They will never ban navigation devices. It’s too big a business. And whether you realize it or not, it’s all about money not safety.

  2. Bob Thompson says:

    Kenneth Cupp: if your use of any ‘distracting device’ causes you to injure anyone….as I was injured… you and your company should be forced to pay all compensation to all victims. This is almost always in the millions. Is that worth it to you? Think … you may be killed or permanently injured in the crash also. Still worth it. Leave the phone, CB or other distraction alone.

  3. Kenneth Cupp says:

    I am an escort for oversize loads.

    I hear that navigation items , ie tomtom etc. are going to be against the law. I use this item in my business to locate a pickup or delivery location. I don’t use it for locating my routes or following a route.

    The same with a CB radio. It is the law that we have commicaations between escorts and the load.

    Will I be arrested for using them?

  4. Al Cinamon says:

    “From a political standpoint, texting while driving proves an easier target than cell phone use. In some cases, pro-ban legislators put off debate on cell phones to push through texting bills.”

    This is the first time I’ve seen the truth of the matter in print. I’ve always said it was never about safety. Politicians have to take into account the wrath of their constituents. That’s why they only ban hand-held phones and not hands-free. They’re afraid there might be a revolt and they would be voted out of office.

    By the same token, that’s why they sock it to the under 21 crowd. They can’t drink and drive (zero tolerance) and they can’t talk on any device, hand-held or hands-free. But, why only the under 21 crowd? They don’t have a monopoly on killing with cars. Motorists of all ages are doing that. Ah, but the under 21 crowd doesn’t vote. Now do you understand?

    What should also make sense is why there are no special laws applicable to seniors. Shouldn’t seniors be re-tested at a certain age? You pick it. 70,80.90.100? It’ll never happen because seniors vote. So it would be politically incorrect to infuriate that crowd. To hell with safety. It’s all lip-service.

  5. Teresa Breen says:

    I am so glad to read this, my husband thought I was crazy when I see someone on there cell phone while driving I honk at them also!

    When I go around to the schools and businesses and share our sons story about how he lost his life because of a stupid text that could have waited I tell the kids and people that if you hear a horn honk and you are talking on your phone you can almost bet it will be me! My son did not have to go to Afghanistan with his unit to die, his WORST Enemy was right here in the palm of his hand….

    God Bless you Mr. LaHood it was great to meet you and keep up the fight!

    Teresa Breen

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