Indiana student dies, texting debate fueled

Good debate on the dangers of texting while driving in the comments section of this Indiana newspaper’s report (update: no longer online). Sadly, it was inspired by a young woman’s death (in August 2009).

Legislation that would ban texting by drivers under 18 is advancing in Indiana’s Legislature. Some of the commenters note that this would not have helped the 21-year-old driver, Brittiany R. Phillips, who had been sending and receiving text messages in the moments before the fatal crash. (She also had not been wearing a seat belt.)

It’s quite possible, however, that under a similar law the college student would have spent her first two years behind the wheel without texting — and developed driving habits that didn’t include this (for her) deadly practice of typing on the road.

You really have to feel for families like Brittiany’s that have to deal with unimaginable grief and the weird sidebar of their dead loved ones becoming part of a state and nationwide debate.


  1. I totally agree, but why stop there?. Legislate a law to ban phone usage while driving altogether. It’s already been legislated in Chicago for some time. I see people weaving out of their lane because they’re texting. That’s as bad as driving while intoxicated. My daughter took drivers ed and learned that when u text, you’re using the same part of your brain as you do to drive. You can’t do both. One is going to suffer. Guess which one? My life and everyone’s life for that matter is too important to risk to find out ‘what happened last night’. Let’s wake up! Ban it now before more people die unneccesarily!

  2. Sports Couch Potato says:

    Texting by the driver of a vehicle no matter their age should be banned. It’s hard enough to keep an eye on the other guy when you’e on the road. Trying to stay attentive while texting is insane. Ban it immediately.

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