Bad rap on texting & driving in Houston

Houston Mayor Annise Parker and local rap star Bun B crossed arms and teamed up for a video promoting the “It Can Wait, Houston” PSA campaign.

Bun B brought the street cred by comparing texting & driving with playing Russian roulette. He also was on hand April 2 at the mayor’s splashy launch for the texting campaign, linked to the AT&T national program.

Parker says she’ll back a Houston ordinance banning text messaging while driving if a statewide law doesn’t result from the 2013 legislative session. Last time around, the governor vetoed a Texas texting measure OK’d by lawmakers, and appears ready to do so again.

Parker has been in office since the beginning of 2010, so we’ll take her vow to push through a local ordinance as some new-found enthusiasm for the texting & driving fight. She’ll be up for re-election in the fall, BTW.


  1. robert michelsen says:

    We need a total hands free law. I’m a hot shot driver in houston and see just how bad drivers are affected by even holdin a phone to their ear. Please make a hands free law. We need it ..

  2. #ItCanWait — Texas needs to enact a statewide law prohibiting texting while driving…I also think any cell phone use should be banned while driving period. It takes your attention away from driving!! If a call or text is that important pull over!!!

    • Richard Johnson says:

      I agree with you. Texting while driving regroups the actions of reading, composing, or sending email and text messages from a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle. It causes diversion of attention and lowers a driver’s ability to focus on the road.

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