FocusDriven video: Faces of the 5,500

On its first anniversary, the distracted driving victims advocacy group FocusDriven released this new 30-second PSA whose macro message is “How many more have to die?” It drives home the point that 5,500 people died last year due to inattentive driving.

FocusDriven president Jennifer Smith said: “In our new PSA, we want to remind people that each and every distracted driving fatality is someone’s loved one, and that person’s family is in tremendous pain.”

Keep up the good work, folks.


  1. Carol Beiser says:

    Pass the Law to stop this menace on the roads!!!!!!!!

  2. Carol Beiser says:

    I wish some one could pass a law in Fla to stop texting.Talking would be great too I am so glad Justin and Extreme Makeover are trying to do something. I almost got it 4 times last year by someone talking on their phone I have a Bumper Sticker that says SHUT UP AND DRIVE!! Got on line from they have all kinds of bumperstickers

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