Double trouble for distracted driver; mayor busted

A pair of odds and ends, with the emphasis on odd:

cell phoning texting suspectHere’s a candidate for the world’s most brazen distracted driver: British police were in the process of stopping David Secker of Norwich for using a handheld cell phone while driving on a freeway. To their astonishment, the officers then realized that he was texting on another cell phone. The capper: Secker reportedly made the officer wait for him to finish his cell phone call. Sentencing is Aug. 15.

rob ford toronto mayor a cell phoning driverToronto’s mayor allegedly gave the finger to a citizen who scolded him for using a cell phone while driving. Ottilie Mason said she gave Mayor Rob Ford a thumbs-down signal and he replied with the one-finger salute. Mason’s 6-year-old was in the car. A spokesman told the Toronto Sun that the mayor was indeed cell-phoning, but no flip-off occurred. Mason told the Sun: “I have wondered whether he would have given me the finger if I was a police officer telling him to get off his cell phone.”


  1. David is beyond arrogrance. I would certainly like to know what fine he was given!

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