‘If Lives Are in Your Hands … ‘

What if your surgeon decided to do a little text messaging while you’re there on the operating table? That’s the (rhetorical) question posed by short-filmmaker David McDonald, recently honored for the safety PSA video below.

McDonald, 24, won $7,800 (CAN) worth of filmmaking tools in the distracted driving category of a short-film contest sponsored by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

“I looked at texting and driving and what that really is — it is a dangerous thing operating a heavy vehicle that could kill,” McDonald told the Westminster News Leader on March 16.


  1. I have been driving truck for 33 years. The bottom line is you do your job safe. i use phones and cb while driving but not in cities or unsafe places. commom sence is used which people have less of that these days. i see that in their driving habits most people think they are the only ones out there. Which boils down to respect. Laws are good but I still see many people texting and talk on phone in the cities. Even seen ploice right beside them and they do nothing.

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