Alberta DD law now in effect

Alberta took its time installing a distracted driving law -- it's the eighth Canadian province to do so -- but the new rules clearly are among the most comprehensive in North America. The new Alberta distracted driving law went into effect next Thursday, Sept. 1. The fine is $172 (total). (This post updated Sept. 1) In addition to banning text messaging, emailing and the use of handheld cell phones for drivers, the law prohibits other use various other handheld electronic communications devices, grooming, non-commercial use of CB radios, GPS data entry, writing, drawing, sketching, reading … [Read more...]

Alberta: Distracted driving news

Alberta's penalties for distracted driving as of Jan. 1 are $287 -- plus three demerit points. The crackdown comes under the Traffic Safety (Distracted Driving Demerit) Amendment Act, approved unanimously by the legislature in late March. The fine went up, but addition of demerit points was put off until the New Year. Alberta RCMP Commanding Officer Marianne Ryan said Dec. 10: "Will this prevent distracted driving? No, unfortunately, but it's a big step for us -- and I think it will make Alberta roads safer." Transportation Minister Brian Mason says motorists have "slipped back to their old … [Read more...]