U.K. mobile seizure stories bogus

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U.K. drivers were startled by local reports that police would be inspecting mobile phones of all those involved in crashes, seeking evidence of distracted driving. Despite the Big Brother creepiness, the story wasn't entirely outlandish, given that the transportation secretary recently called the toll from texting and handheld mobile use "absolutely appalling" -- and vowed to look into doubling the demerit points vs. violators. Yet, despite the reports in several daily newspapers, including the Daily Mail, it wasn't true. Suzette Davenport, who heads the Association of Chief Police … [Read more...]

Irish texting & driving tab: $1,400

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Those who text and drive in Ireland are out of luck. They're now facing some of the planet's toughest distracted driving penalties, with fines for first offenses topping out at 1,000 Euros -- about $1,400. The penalties, which took effect May 1, increase to a maximum €2,000 for a second offense. Three-time offenders are looking at €3,000 and a possible three months in jail (offenses within a year). Offenders will have to show up in court, instead of taking roadside penalty points. The changes also apply to those "accessing information" (Web sites) via smartphones. The new fines do not … [Read more...]

Ontario plan: $1,000 plus points

Transportation minister Glen Murray of Ontario

The Ontario government followed through with plans to crack down on distracted drivers, proposing maximum fines of $1,000 and three points vs. offenders' licenses. Transportation Minister Glen Murray, left, introduced the "Keeping Ontario's Roads Safe Act" on March 17. The increased penalties for handheld cell phone use and texting had been sought by safety advocates and law enforcement: "Everyone's been saying you've got to put (distracted driving) in the same range as drinking and driving," the minister said. The distracted driving changes were anticipated, and followed action by the … [Read more...]

Manitoba: Distracted driving news


The use of demerit points vs. the licenses of distracted drivers hasn't done much to halt the dangerous practice, a survey says. More than 40 percent of those polled by CAA Manitoba said more financial penalties were needed to make a dent in distracted driving in the province. Almost all of the 7,000 survey respondents said they continued to see other motorists using their cell phones while behind the wheel. 82 percent felt it was unlikely distracted drivers would be stopped and cited by police, CAA's annual distracted driving survey showed. "Distracted driving has now overtaken impaired … [Read more...]

Australia, New Zealand distracted driving news

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New Zealand's distracted drivers paid about $1.6 million in fines in 2014, with 21,538 tickets handed out, according to numbers released in April 2015. That's up significantly from 2013, when just under 14,000 drivers were cited for texting, using handheld cell phones or using the Internet. In the capital city of Wellington, the number of infractions nearly doubled, police say. The Automobile Association says about 15 percent of New Zealand drivers admit to using cell phones. Texting and talking on mobile phones remain among the biggest distractions cited by New Zealand drivers, a survey … [Read more...]