No texting admission, no ticket

washington state law officer

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission is busy trying to push through a legislative rewrite of the state's outdated distracted driving law, which limits itself to texting while behind the wheel. The panel just released an online video that shows officers pulling over a pair of distracted drivers. Both drivers explain away their actions as something other than texting. One man says he was entering GPS data into a smartphone; another guy who was weaving repeatedly into a bike lane beats the ticket by saying he was checking his currency-trading updates. "Everything else you can do on your … [Read more...]

Jenner’s distracted driving party

Kendall Jenner distracted driving

Another celebrity is taking heat for distracted driving, this time reality star Kendall Jenner. Jenner posted an Instagram video that showed her and model pal Ashley Skye getting down to Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er boy" while cruising through heavy traffic in L.A. The ladies are dancing in their seats, pointing and looking at each other as they sing along to the summer of 2002 hit, which came out when they were something like 7 years old. They pass through a pedestrian crosswalk and scoot past vehicles slowed in traffic on both sides of their vehicle. "Being uber girly," Jenner's post … [Read more...]

U.K. mobile seizure stories bogus

on way to london traffic accident

U.K. drivers were startled by local reports that police would be inspecting mobile phones of all those involved in crashes, seeking evidence of distracted driving. Despite the Big Brother creepiness, the story wasn't entirely outlandish, given that the transportation secretary recently called the toll from texting and handheld mobile use "absolutely appalling" -- and vowed to look into doubling the demerit points vs. violators. Yet, despite the reports in several daily newspapers, including the Daily Mail, it wasn't true. Suzette Davenport, who heads the Association of Chief Police … [Read more...]

Herzog looks at a texting tragedy

Werner Herzog did a PSA for AT&T

Werner Herzog is no stranger to grim subjects, having created the documentaries "On Death Row" and "Grizzly Man." A British newspaper recently cited the German film director's "50 years of potent, inspiring, disturbing films." Herzog was behind the camera for a rare commercial, a short but stunning PSA for AT&T's "It Can Wait" texting & driving campaign. Herzog says nothing during the clip, contrary to his style, and lets the mother of a paralyzed boy do the talking. "His legs are gone, he is paralyzed from the diaphragm down," the mother before the camera reveals Xzavier, confined to … [Read more...]

‘Seeya soon': Family shares last words

boy's final words were on smartphone text

The text message in the image at left would seem routine, but the story behind it is heart-wrenching. Police in Greeley, Colo., say that text-messaging thread led to the death of a University of a Northern Colorado student on April 3. Alexander Heit, 22, of Boulder apparently was still typing when he veered into oncoming traffic, jerked the steering wheel to avoid a crash and flipped his vehicle. He died shortly after. Heit's family released the image as a caution to others who would text & drive. "I can't bear the thought of anyone else having to go through something like this," … [Read more...]