NYC distracted bicyclist law proposed

New York City bicyclists would be prohibiting from using smartphones and similar devices under an ordinance proposed by a Brooklyn councilman. City Council Member Mark Treyger says he was inspired to file the legislation after witnessing a distracted bicyclist nearly cause a multivehicle crash. Treyger cited an increased number of crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians in recent years. "The city also has an obligation to promote safe cycling and to take steps to eliminate all forms of distracted driving and riding," Treyger, D-Brooklyn, said at a Nov. 14 press conference. "It … [Read more...]

Chicago eyes distracted bicyclists

Bicyclists in California narrowly escaped having distracted driving prohibitions placed on them recently, when the governor inexplicably vetoed SB 28. Bicyclists squawked up a storm when state Sen. Joe Simitian included them for the first time in his plan for tougher penalties for distracted driving violations. The lobby backed off, but no doubt the two-wheelers' protests helped kill the senator's life-saving plan. Now, distracted bicyclists are under the microscope in Chicago, where the head of the City Council's Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety proposes a ban on handheld cell … [Read more...]

Distracted walking laws, legislation

Distracted walking updates: Two-thirds of Canadians back implementation of distracted walking laws in their municipalities, a nationwide survey has found. The laws would affect activities such as texting in the middle of a crosswalk. About 28 percent of those polled were opposed to the government intervention, researchers at Insights West said. Last summer, Toronto called on the province of Ontario to enact curbs on plugged-in pedestrians in traffic areas. A New Jersey legislator is attracting nationwide publicity with her 2016 plan to outlaw texting while walking in roadways. … [Read more...]

Bicycles, mopeds: Distracted driving news

Bikes and distracted driving: As laws restricting drivers' use of cell phones and texting devices spread throughout the nation, legislators appear to be fine-tuning their bills to include bicyclists. This page tracks distracted driving legislation and laws affecting bicyclists and riders of other two-wheeled vehicles. 2011 law, legislation updates: Bicyclists in Chicago are prohibited from using handheld cell phones and texting as of November. Alderman Marge Laurino's plan sailed through the City Council on Oct. 5. Laurino, a rider who describes herself as "proponent of cycling," said the … [Read more...]